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Dedicated to simplifying IT for the benefit of your business and team.

Scoria Tech (part of the Air IT Group) was founded with the sole purpose of providing
exceptional and responsive support and assistance to users in ‘Enterprise SME’ businesses who want the technological capabilities of a large corporation, while remaining agile and entrepreneurial. Our founders have spent decades working in the IT Managed Services industry and created Scoria Tech in order to strip out all of the unnecessary complexity of an industry which has been struggling to evolve at the same rate as its users’ requirements.
Scoria Tech is a new breed of IT Company – our primary ethos is to keep things simple,
accessible and understandable. Our clients are not IT experts, so we don’t treat them as such. We support the real people who are using the systems day in day out, no matter the size of the business. This means that businesses having to adapt within stringent IT parameters is a thing of the past; now the service is built to suit you, your staff and your business requirements.
Having recently joined the Air IT group, we will now be able to offer clients a more comprehensive range of strategic services and solutions, to meet their evolving business and technology needs.

Scoria IT Support



Corporate IT innovation has practically stood still relative to the working world which has moved at astonishing speed to a more flexible and convenient destination.

Gone are the days of being tied to your desk from 9-5; with evolving lifestyles and technologies, most people just need an internet connection and they can work from anywhere.

We create IT solutions to offer true business continuity; it’s no secret that the world is changing and new ways of working are being forced upon businesses around the globe. We have seen unprecedented disruption to operations in the last 12 months which has proven how valuable a robust IT management service can be.

There were a great many casualties during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown of 2020; this sudden cessation of all non-essential travel and closure of offices exposed gaping holes in many companies’ disaster planning.  This encouraged businesses to look to technology to support their operations which, in turn, has created a new way of working across the globe.

Our team has been able to support our clients who already had innovative technology jigsaws, built from Scoria Elements, enabling them to continue operating at close to optimal capacity with minimal disruption.

User Focus

At Scoria Tech, we believe that IT solutions should work for the business.

We take the best ‘Elements’ from major vendors such as Microsoft, Dropbox, Bitdefender, Sonicwall and others and build a Technology Jigsaw which enables all users to underpin their business objectives.

Our customer and user focused methodology can sometimes seem as though it runs in direct opposition to the traditional approach from Legacy IT and Technology providers. We don’t want to be ‘selling’ technologies or products; we aim to deliver a new way of working and support to your people, not your computers.

User Focus