Truly Managed Tech Services to Enhance your Business

Full Technology Managed Services

You’ve probably come here looking for a replacement for your existing traditional IT services and you’ll find that; and a whole lot more.

We build an in-depth understanding of your operations and piece together the best elements from leading applications to create the finest “Tech Jigsaw”, ensuring you have a robust system from day one. We protect your data, provide constant service updates and global 24/7 support.

With the joint capability of the Air IT group, Scoria Tech can offer clients a comprehensive range of strategic services and solutions, all under one roof, to meet their evolving business and technology needs.

This includes an additional technical expertise across communications, cyber security, cloud solutions and business intelligence, all tailored to the needs of growing SMEs across the UK.

Scoria Tech Elements

Digital Transformation – Scoria Elements

Digital Transformation

Our uniquely simple approach to your technology requirements is focussed on changing the ethos of how modern companies conduct their business and how modern employees want to work.

We work closely with our partners to help you ensure “work is something you do, not somewhere you go”.

The international workforce has evolved while most of the IT industry has remained still – not anymore. We take relevant Elements from the best software on the market and fit them together in a technology jigsaw which provides you with a simple and familiar IT experience for your business.

This enables employees to collaborate and communicate in a flexible, mobile and secure manner. When you log in to your device, all your files and software are right where you need them. No need for multiple login details, your team can sign in securely and do their job from anywhere.

We’ll even review which Elements are performing best and offer up recommendations on improvements where relevant. We are truly supplier agnostic and have no affiliation with manufacturers or developers; we simply offer the best and most suitable Elements for our clients’ requirements.

Technology Managed Service

When you partner with Scoria you can rest assured that we will be taking care of your entire technology requirement with minimal fuss or drain on your time.

We offer the full range of services you’d expect from a traditional IT management service with the addition of evolving your service as new Elements become available.  We ensure that you have a truly outsourced technology management experience.  We can provide dedicated remote and telephone support, scheduled onsite engineering or dovetail with your in-house IT team and your international partners; flexibility is one of our core tenets.

We take care of your security, support desk, data management, third party suppliers and resolution processes; managing your entire technology estate, so that you can concentrate on what you and your business do best.

Our service desk has been developed to accommodate your every technology requirement. We log and resolve calls according to pre-arranged processes, all tickets are recorded in our systems (or yours, if you have one in place already) and we provide periodic reports on usage and performance.

With engineers in London, UK, New York, USA and Perth, Australia we are able to provide 24/7 access to support wherever your users are based.

We won’t overwhelm you with unnecessary monitoring alerts. In fact, if you want us to receive alerts, log and resolve issues automatically; you won’t need to receive any notifications at all.

We automatically apply patches and updates when they are released by vendors, allowing you to benefit from the newest technology as soon as it becomes available.

We design and implement setups based upon your business’ specific requirements and we’ll send you periodic reports so you can see what is happening behind the scenes while you conduct your business as usual.

Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and Communication

In a rapidly changing working world it is important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their technology and work ethos.

In order to attract the very best talent, you need to be able to offer the very best employment packages. No longer is it just about the money, people place a much higher value on their work-life balance.

Imagine being able to work from anywhere, at any time maintaining the same levels of access and collaborative capabilities, securely, as if you were sitting at your desk in your office building. That is what Scoria brings to the table.

You can take all of your files and documents using Dropbox, SharePoint or OneDrive, secured and protected by BitDefender, as well as your video conferencing capabilities in Microsoft Teams. Traditional software (Adobe Creative Suite, Office 365 etc) is available on a variety of devices – you can even have your telephone and voicemail delivered through your laptop, tablet or mobile device to enjoy seamless VOIP voice calls and conferencing from any location.

Cyber Security

Scoria Tech is fully focused on securing your data environment by design, not as an afterthought, enabling you and your IT operations to maintain an appropriate security posture.

We help to protect your most valuable asset – your business data; by focussing on data we are able to immediately and thoroughly recover and secure any data which may have been exposed to a threat.

Accidents happen. Whether it’s a deleted file or a lost, stolen or dropped laptop, you are one simple phone call away from having it recovered or a new laptop. We ensure that the hardware is completely set up to your company’s specific profile and shipped to you as soon as possible – all you need to do is log in.

Should you ‘lose’ your office due to a major incident such as terrorism, natural disaster or pandemic lockdown, your team can simply move location and access all their files, voice and video along with business application software from home with minimal disruption. Utilising the best Elements from video conferencing and digital communications applications, you’ll be able to maintain business as usual no matter the situation.

There are no hidden or excessive costs, just simple, secure storage for your business data at a flexible ‘per user per month’ price, giving you peace of mind.

Managed Backup